Spence Dogwell

Spence Dogwell didn’t like his name. He didn’t like his first name, Spence, and he didn’t like his last name, Dogwell, either. Also he didn’t like his middle name, Birdwell, because it sounded too much like Dogwell.

But he couldn’t think about that right now because he had other things on his mind — namely, keeping a truck full of dynamite from slipping off the cliff and blowing up the whole town of Bagwell.

His girlfriend, Susan Shankwell, begged him to quit driving dynamite trucks — not because of the danger, but because he always smelled like dynamite.

He finally delivered the dynamite safely. But when he got home, there was a letter from his girlfriend. She was leaving him to marry his best friend, Stephen Spankwell. At first he was sad. But then he laughed. Her name would be Susan Shankwell-Spankwell.